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Nex-Gen Core: Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility

instrumentUTMB’s Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core utilizes an Illumina HiSeq 1500
sequencing system to perform massively parallel sequencing for genetic analysis.
The NGS Core offers support in library construction from various template sources;
RNA (total, poly A+ and miRNA), chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (ChIP-Seq)
and DNA (genomic and amplicon-derived). Library complexity is assessed using
qPCR prior to amplification. Illumina NGS technology uses adapter-ligated template
molecules to populate a hollow glass flow cell. Individual target molecules are then
amplified to create template clusters. Templates are sequenced using reversible,
fluorescent-tagged terminator nucleotides. The HiSeq 1500 has the capacity to create over 1.5 billion clusters across each lane in an 8-channel flow cell. The 1500 HiSeq offers the versatility of using either an eight lane or a two lane flow cell. With the capability of either single-end or paired-end sequence reads and 50 to 100 base read lengths, the HiSeq 1500 can generate up to 300 Gb from a single sequence run. The two lane platform can also accommodate 150 base reads. Costs are reduced by indexing (“bar coding”) individual template libraries, allowing multiple libraries to be sequenced in each of the flow cell lanes. Investigators have the option of two-lane, eight-lane or first available in selecting the platform for their sequencing project.

What can you do with Next Generation Sequencing?

  • ChIP-Seq
  • De novo assembly
  • Variant identification
  • SNPs
  • Transcriptome (reference-guided or de novo)
  • miRNA and small ncRNA sequencing
  • Quantitative - RNA-Seq expression analysis


Next Generation Sequencing Core Submission Form (Word Doc)

Agilent Bioanalysis Form (Word Doc)

Covaris Chromatin Shearing Form (Word Doc)

Next Generation Sequencing Costs: April 1, 2017

Library Cost

RNA-Seq: Non-Stranded; Virus $193.00
RNA-Seq: No-Stranded &dT Selected $195.00
RNA-Seq: Stranded & dT Selected $208.00
RNA-Seq: Non-Stranded & rRNA Depletion $283.00
ChIP-Seq $173.00
DNA Nextera $229.00
DNA (Covaris) $213.00
MicroRNA (Small RNA) $189.00


8 lane Flow Cell:~160-180 Million reads/lane
Run Type Cost/lane
SE:50 $1,202.00
SE:100 $1,548.00
PE:50 $1,856.00
PE:100 $2,400.00


Rapid Run (24-36 hr):~250-300 Million reads/Run
Run Type Total
SE:50 $2,000.00
SE:100 $2,600.00
SE:150 $3,200.00
SE:200 $3,445.00
PE:50 $3,950.00
PE:100 $4,645.00
PE:150 $5,145.00


Mini-Seq ~25M: One lane flow cell
SE 50-150 $1,179.00
SE 50-100 $1,755.00



Jill K. Thompson
Steve G. Widen, PhD
Thomas G. Wood, PhD

Location: 6.142 Medical Research Building
Contact: tgwood@utmb.edu
Phone: 409-747-0387

Please contact the Core to discuss your sequencing project.

Next Generation Sequencing Core Submission Form (Word Doc)

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