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The Molecular Genomics Core (MGC) has offered quality sequencing to UTMB investigators since its inception in 2000. Our mission is to offer quality DNA sequencing at an affordable price in an effort to further your research.  Our attention to data quality, ease of use (no premixing required) and low cost sets us apart from other sequencing services.  DNA templates (PCR products, plasmids) and primers are submitted either separately or premixed to the core for processing (primer annealing, dye terminator reaction and cleanup).  Samples may be submitted in individual tubes, strip tubes or 96 well plate formats. Standard primers are offered at no additional cost.  Sequence detection is carried out on our Applied Biosystems 3130XL followed by post-detection processing.  Upon successful completion of the analysis a report consisting of raw data (Electropherogram), processed sequence, and quality scores (Phred) are returned to the client.

The resulting sequence can then be analyzed and compared to other known sequences with the help of various computational tools. (see useful links)

DNA Sequencing Services $5.00/reaction

  • Standard sequencing
  • 96-well sequencing
  • Primer walking
  • SNP resequencing

Service features & options

  • ABI Prism™ 3130XL DNA sequencers
  • 48 hr turnaround time
  • ≥750bp read lengths @ ≥ 99.9% accuracy
  • Universal primers provided (list)
  • Easy & flexible submission: (plasmid, PCR products)
  • Basecall quality (Q) scoring

Useful Links
Applied Biosystems
FinchTV (PC)

To schedule an appointment or to discuss experimental design, send an emai to Andrew Kanost, or call 409-777-0392.