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The Molecular Genomics Core (MGC) offers Taqman-bound allele discrimination analysis as a service.

Samples should be submitted in the form of genomic DNA either frozen or as an ethanol precipitate.  Once received, sample quantity will be determined via the NanoDrop which will be used to dilute the sample to the appropriate concentration for processing. 

Genotyping Services

  • Taqman-Based Allelic Discrimination

Service Features & Options

  • Experimental Design
  • Assay design & optimization (TaqMan/DNA Seq)
  • Sample Quantitation via NanoDrop® ND-1000
  • Data Analysis

Useful Links
SPLAT User’s Manual
ABI’s TaqMan SNP Overview
TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assay

To schedule an appointment or to discuss experimental design, send an email to Debbie Prusak or Dr. Tom Wood.